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Edgard Varese - Ionisation - as mentioned by Frank Zappa

*music / art*

La Banda Gozona - our Seattle based Oaxacan musical & cultural project!
Northstar Saxophone Quartet - our meliflous chamber group
Nicole Barnes - our esteemed alto player and really nice person
Bryan Smith - our esteemed tenor player and also a really nice person
Jay Easton - our esteemed baritone player and return of the son of a really nice person
Ward Baxter - our former esteemed tenor player and um, well, a really nice guy
Harry Bjerkli - a friend I met in northern Norway
Black Cat Orchestra - a swell ensemble - info, CDs, sheet music - a grand subject
Curtis Taylor - one of Seattle's great artistic polymaths
Sean Osborn - one of Seattle's greatest clarinetists
Robert Puff - top quality music engraving, and excellent woodwind player
Deb Kirkland - friend, collaborator, violinist; Deb's cyber-portal
Friese Undine - paints and blows a mean harp
Lawrence Gwozdz - brilliant saxophonist / teacher
Ted Hegvik - the amazing saxophonist
John Edward Kelly - a truly fine saxophonist
Lee Patrick - the amazing arranger of saxophone music / teacher
Mark Alan Taggart - composer, saxophonist
John Moore - brilliant tenor saxophonist / teacher
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet - the marvelous ensemble
a memorial - Sigurd M. Raschèr 1907-2001
International Saxophone page - a lot of info
Patrick Meighan - brilliant saxophonist / teacher
Saxophone discussion forum - self explanatory eh?
Saya Moriyasu - makes nice things - say no more
3 Leg Torso - a favorite band from Portland, Oregon - great old saxophones for sale
Wildy Zumwalt - fine saxophone teacher, RSQ Workshop host


Báiki - the North American Sami Journal
Sámigiella - an Arctic nature language
Ande Somby - celebrated joiker
Samefolket newsletter - from the Swedish Saami

*Mac computing*

Mac OS X Hints - truly in depth info, well supported
Mac Fix It - more good help - stuff for your Mac, cheap
Firefox - the browser
OWC - quality stuff to expand your mac
Mac Update - for your software update needs


updated - 6/27/12