Granlund Woodwind Repair
information concerning saxophone overhauls
and a few choices the customer can make

In a while I'll have a bit more here to chew on but thought I'd hang this page up to display what info I have to offer to date.

Pad Choices
Standard - tan/brown goat skin -- in stock
This is the industry standard saxophone pad. There are many choices as there are many manufactures each offering a number of different styles and configurations. The pad I keep in stock has a medium firm felt and a dark tan skin that is not as sticky as some of the "beauty/Italian shoe leather pads" used by horn manufactures.

Upgrade - black treated kangaroo skin -- special order
These pads are a very excellent choice for the person who is playing constantly be it on a cruise ship or blowing a 35 minute jazz solo at the local pub. The skin is quite durable and are very free of the tendency to stick to the tone hole. I've used this pad on a number of saxophones now, that are out touring about and have been very pleased with the results.

Upgrade - white kangaroo skin -- now in stock!
My personal favorite. The least likely to stick to the tone hole. As a classical player, I'm very concerned with key noise and sticky pads. Both of these problems can mar an otherwise pleasing performance. The white kangaroo pad solves both issues and is also extremely durable. Works for me.


updated 3/6/08