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Saxophones For Sale
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Make Photos Model - Date Serial # Finish Details Price
Buescher C sop. click for photos! True Tone 104,*** silver plate C soprano! modern pads, Yamaha 4C Bb mouthpiece - lower price! $900
Buescher True Tone 142,*** silver plate scheduled for complete mechanical overhaul (w/ white Roo pads), winter 2017. $2000
Armstrong click for photo! student 42 32,3** lacquer good solid student sax, good condition, plays $115 - SOLD
        nickel plated keys missing 2 pearls  
Buescher   Aristocrat 299,*** lacquer a real beauty! lively tone $2000
    "Big B" circa. 1940     99% orig. lacquer  
Bundy click for photos! series I, 1950's 98,7** lacquer excellent condition, 99% orig. lacquer, totally straight body & neck, good pads $800 - SOLD
    the original Bundy, patterned after the Buescher Aristocrat     the best student alto ever made.  
Conn   New Wonder II - 1926 177,*** silver plate in preparation, getting a full set of Roo pads call or write
    "Chu Berry" key work     excellent! perfect neck, totally straight body  
Conn 26M - 1942 304,**2 lacquer re-lacquer, fine condition $2500
    "Connqueror"     "VIII" neck, good pads  
Conn click for photos! 50M - 1964 19,*** steam punk lacquer! Freshly cleaned and repadded with natural brown leather pads & Conn flat metal resonators. Key work is not worn, very fresh pearls. $800 - SOLD
    "Shooting Star"     excellent! perfect neck, totally straight body  
Selmer click for photos! Modele 26 14,8** gold lacquer relacquer - beautiful saxophone! straight body and neck. call for price
          rebuild in progress, will have a set of Roo pads installed.  
Selmer photos coming soon Balanced Action - 1937 23,*** original gold lacquer! In preparation. Very beautiful condition, near mint w/ all new pads. The very first modern saxophone! $4000
Buescher   circa - 1921 93,6** silver plate in preparation - mint $750
          all new pads, corks and felts  
Conn -   Amer. Perfection P20,2** silver plate curved (tenor style) neck $650
Conn photos coming soon 10M - 1941 295,*** original lacquer Rolled tone holes, gorgeous! OEM mouthpiece and case w/ canvas case cover. Installing many new Conn Reso-pads for the complete OEM experience $5000
Martin   Committee 188,*** brass in preparation, the lacquer is being stripped for a raw brass finish. $2450
Selmer Mark VI 92,*** original gold lacquer currently in preparation! beautiful saxophone! straight body and neck $10000
          will be freshly overhauled with Roo Extreme pads & gold resonators  
Selmer click for photos! Mark VI 130,30* re-lacquer nice looks, good pads, good player! OEM case. $4000
Buescher   True Tone 215,*** silver plate can be prepped for serious inquiry ask me
King   Zephyr   lacquer can be prepped for serious inquiry ask me

to inquire about an instrument, write to me via e-mail or post

Granlund  Woodwind  Repair
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