FCP Euro - Automotive Parts Distributor - I work on my car, old Volvo. These people have a great selection of parts.
Edgard Varese - Ionisation - as mentioned by Frank Zappa.

*music / art*

Raging Maggots - Jamming on a groove since 1984.
La Banda Gozona - Our Seattle based Oaxacan musical & cultural project.
Bara Gwin - Our buddies Ron and Sona play music in the Breton style. Accordion & Bombard!
Harry Bjerkli - A friend I met in northern Norway, Harry is quite the country singer, you have to check his music out!
Black Cat Orchestra - A swell ensemble I played with. Check here for recordings -
Jeff McGrath - Check out the band Fr3d, and Jeff's art, and sounds from Lushy. Amazing stuff from buddy Jeff.
Saya Moriyasu - Makes beautiful things.
Sean Osborn - One of Seattle's great clarinetists.
Robert Puff - Top quality music engraver, and excellent woodwind player
Curtis Taylor - One of Seattle's great artistic polymaths.
Friese Undine - Paints awe-inspiring images, and blows a mean harp.


Wimme Sari - my favorite Sami musician
Samefolket newsletter - from the Swedish Saami

*Rascher people*

Patrick Meighan - brilliant saxophonist / teacher
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet - the marvelous ensemble
Mark Alan Taggart - composer, saxophonist
Dr. Wildy Zumwalt - fine saxophone teacher, RSQ Workshop host

*Mac computing*

Ubuntu Studio - Linux based audio software suite you can run on your Mac.
AV Linux MX Edition - Another Linux based audio software suite you can run on your Mac. Really amazing project.
Firefox - Open source browser.
Thunderbird - Open source email.
Libre Office - Here's your open source office suite.
Mac Update - For your software update needs.
OWC - Quality stuff to expand your mac. - olde but good?


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