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Granlund Woodwind -- Saxophones for sale -- Clarinets for sale -- Mouthpieces for sale -- Clarinet rentals

Granlund Woodwind Repair
Stuff For Sale
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Make Photos Model - Date Serial # Finish Details Price
RCA 67V1 radio / record player - SOLD photo archive 1946? Beautiful RCA console radio / record player. The electronics have been completely, professionally rebuilt, see photos. The AM radio works perfectly, amplifier is strong and loud, no hum, runs for hours no problem. Little available on the shortwave. Cabinet is in good condition. Original speaker sounds great. The turntable has been replaced, works well but sounds kind of quiet. Maybe a new needle/cartridge is needed? SOLD
        infos here:
Saxophone Journal click for the large list! 1985 - 2006 I have a lot of these (90+). Check it out. $5.00 each
        Cheaper by the dozen!  
Fender Stratocaster neck - SOLD click for photos! 1964 original finish Rosewood veneer fretboard. Well played but still playable. Refretted by Paul Stroh circa. 2012 SOLD
Fender Jaguar - SOLD click for photos! 1963 L189*5 original finish (rough) Heavily played, restored to playable condition. Neck happiest w/ med. gauge strings (currently strung with flatwound 12-52). SOLD
clone of Dallas Rangemaster - SOLD click for photos! Treble Booster lacquer a real beauty! lively tone SOLD
clone of Klon Centaur - SOLD click for photos! Transparent Boost white enclosure excellent! SOLD
    90's     built on the "Build your own tone" PCB  
Ibanez Tube Screamer click for photos! TS-5 SoundTank series completely rebuilt to 808 specs $80
        check out the photos  
Various photos coming soon? Vintage to Modern I have a fair amount of music for both clarinet and saxophone. I'm trying to figure out how to best list it. ($)
        It will be priced to sell.  

to inquire about an instrument, write to me via e-mail or post

Granlund  Woodwind  Repair
2218  2nd Avenue  Suite 9
Seattle, Washington  98121-2017

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Granlund Woodwind -- Saxophones for sale -- Clarinets for sale -- Mouthpieces for sale -- Clarinet rentals

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