Rudy Wiedoeft - discography
78 rpm recordings

This first listing shows what I have in my collection.

piece setting record # label
1 Velma solo w/ orchestra O22492 Actuelle
2 Saxema solo A 14088 Aeolian Vocalion
3 Valse Erica solo B 14088 Aeolian Vocalion
4 The Moan Wiedoeft Wadsworth Quartet A 14091 Aeolian Vocalion
5 Just Like A Gypsy Wiedoeft Wadsworth Quartet B 14091 Aeolian Vocalion
6 My Man Wiedoeft's Californians A 14193 Aeolian Vocalion
7 Toodle Wiedoeft's Californians B 14193 Aeolian Vocalion
8 June Moon Wiedoeft's Californians A 14251 Aeolian Vocalion
9 When Buddha Smiles Wiedoeft's Californians B 14251 Aeolian Vocalion
10 Stars Wiedoeft's Californians A 14263 Vocalion
11 April Showers Wiedoeft's Californians B 14263 Vocalion
12 Song Of India Wiedoeft's Californians A 14285 Vocalion
13 Dear Old Southland Wiedoeft's Californians B 14285 Vocalion
14 Rosy Posy Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians A 14320 Vocalion
15 Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians B 14320 Vocalion
16 Sweet Indiana Home Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians A 14383 Vocalion
17 Swanee Bluebird Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians B 14348 Vocalion
18 Vanité solo w/ orchestra A 14467 Vocalion
19 Waltz Llewellyn solo w/ orchestra B 14467 Vocalion
20 Narcissus R.W.'s Symphonic Saxophonists A 14592 Vocalion
21 Chant Sans Paroles R.W.'s Symphonic Saxophonists B 14592 Vocalion
22 Saxophobia solo w/ orchestra 2015-B Brunswick
23 Lonesome Road solo w/ piano 2016-A Brunswick
24 I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now Palace Trio 2016-B Brunswick
25 You'll Be Sorry Palace Trio 2017-A Brunswick
26 Lewellyn solo w/ orchestra 2019-A Brunswick
27 Erica solo w/ orchestra 2019-B Brunswick
28 Nobody Knows saxophone and piano 2025-A Brunswick
29 Saxophone Blues vocal w/ saxophone 2040-A Brunswick
30 Tell Me Little Gypsy Wiedoeft-Wadsworth Quartet 2042-A Brunswick
31 Lone Star Wiedoeft-Wadsworth Quartet 2042-B Brunswick
32 Beautiful Faces Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2056-A Brunswick
33 Hop, Skip and Jump Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2065-B Brunswick
34 Velma solo w/ orchestra 2071-A Brunswick
35 Saxohpone Fantasie solo w/ orchestra 2071-B Brunswick
36 Love Bird Saxophone passages by Wiedoeft's Saxophone trio 2074-A Brunswick
37 Bright Eyes saxophone passages by Rudy Wiedoeft 2079-A Brunswick
38 Humming Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2081-A Brunswick
39 Na-Jo Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2081-B Brunswick
40 I Lost My Heart To You Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2096-A Brunswick
41 I'll Keep On Loving You Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2096-B Brunswick
42 Tea Leaves Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2102-A Brunswick
43 Jabberwocky Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2102-B Brunswick
44 Say It With Music Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2139-A Brunswick
45 South Sea Isles Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2139-B Brunswick
46 The Sheik Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2175-A Brunswick
47 Broken Toy Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2175-B Brunswick
48 Song of India Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2191-A Brunswick
49 Grey Morn Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2191-B Brunswick
50 Lonesome Hours Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2248-A Brunswick
51 Old Fashioned Girl Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2248-B Brunswick
52 Where The Volga Flows Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2283-A Brunswick
53 Suez Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 2283-B Brunswick
54 Narcissus The Wiedoeft Ensemble 2415-A Brunswick
55 Valse Vanité solo w/ orchestra 2415-B Brunswick
56 The Rosery The Wiedoeft Ensemble 2534-A Brunswick
57 Vision D'Amour solo w/ orchestra 2534-B Brunswick
58 Sax-o-trix solo w/ piano 3395-A Brunswick
59 In the Orient solo w/ piano 3395-B Brunswick
60 Souvenir solo w/ piano 81531 Columbia
61 Saxema solo w/ piano 81532 Columbia
62 Sax-o-phun solo w/ piano 761-D (A3605) Columbia
63 Valse Mazanetta solo w/ piano 761-D (A3618) Columbia
64 Valse "Erica" solo w/ orchestra 5632 Edison
65 Saxophone sobs solo w/ orchestra 50454 5744 Edison
66 Valse Llewellyn solo 5782 Edison
67 My Sahara Rose Medley Wiedoeft Wadsworth Quartet 7254 Edison
68 Valse Vanite solo 9455 Edison
69 Saxarella solo 9456 Edison
70 Saxophobia solo w/ orchestra 1043 4289 Emerson
71 Valse Erica solo w/ orchestra 1043 4290 Emerson
72 "Llewellyn" Waltz solo w/ orchestra 1050 Emerson
73 Where the Lanterns Glow Palace Trio 1062 Emerson
74 You'll Be Sorry Palace Trio 1062 Emerson
75 Beautiful Ohio duo w/ xylophone & orch. 1077-A Emerson
76 Till We Meet Again duo w/ xylophone & orch. 1077-B Emerson
77 Mavis duo w/ xylophone & orch. 10152-A Emerson
78 Pretty little Rainbow duo w/ xylophone & orch. 10152-B Emerson
79 Saxema solo w/ orchestra 10204-B Emerson
80 Liver & Bacon Wiedoeft Wadsworth Trio 10249-A Emerson
81 Valse Erica solo w/ orchestra 4902-A Lyric
82 Saxophobia solo w/ orchestra 4902-B Lyric
83 Where the Lanterns Glow Palace Trio 8127 (4333) Medallion
84 My Desert Love saxophone xylophone duet 8127 (4353) Medallion
85 Dardanella Rudy Wiedoeft's Palace Trio 1201-A 41011 Meteor
86 Left Alone Again Blues Rudy Wiedoeft's Palace Trio 1201-B 41012 Meteor
87 Coral Sea Rudy Wiedoeft's Palace Trio 4211-B OKeh
88 Twelth Street Rag Palace Trio 722 Paramount
89 You'll Be Sorry Palace Trio 22205 Pathé
90 Just For To-day Palace Trio 22205 B Pathé
91 I Want A Daddy Palace Trio 22243 Pathé
92 I've got My Captain Working ... Palace Trio 22243 B Pathé
93 Valse Erica solo 11102 Perfect
94 Silver Threads Among The Gold solo 11102 B Perfect
95 Twelfth Street Rag Palace Trio 11037-B Puritan
96 When Buddha Smiles Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 9150 Regal
97 Leave Me with a Smile Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians 9151 Regal
98 Valse Erica saxophone solo 1213-A Silvertone
99 Silver Threads Among the Gold saxophone solo 1213-B Silvertone
100 I'll See You In C-U-B-A Palace Trio 18663-A Victor
101 The Crocodile Wiedoeft Wadsworth Quartet 18663-B Victor
102 Hold Me Palace Trio 18682 A Victor
103 Feather Your Nest vocal w/ saxophone solo 18708-A Victor
104 Valse Erica solo w/ orchestra 18728-A Victor
105 Saxophobia solo w/ orchestra 18728-B Victor
106 Carry Me Back to My Carolina Home vocal w/ saxophone interlude 18975-A Victor
107 Souvenir solo w/ piano 19167-A Victor
108 Saxarella solo w/ piano 19167-B Victor
109 Every Night I Cry Myself... vocal w/ saxophone 19186-B Victor
110 Little Pal of Long Ago vocal w/ saxophone 19243-B Victor
111 Sax-o-phun orchestra w/ laughing saxophone 19509-A Victor
112 Wonderful One vocal w/ sax. obbligato 19282-A Victor
113 Kiss Me Again solo w/ piano 19559-A Victor
114 Valse Manzanetta solo w/ piano 19559-B Victor
115 Honest & Truly vocal w/ sax. obbligato 19597-A Victor
116 Dear One vocal w/ sax. obbligato 19597-B Victor
117 La Cinquantaine solo w/ piano 19771-A Victor
118 Vanity Waltz solo w/ piano 19771-B Victor
119 You Forgot to Remember vocal w/ sax. obbligato 19780-A Victor
120 Alone at Last vocal w/ sax. obbligato 19780-B Victor
121 Marilyn solo w/ piano 21152-A Victor
122 Saxema solo w/ piano 21152-B Victor
123 La Golondrina saxophone duet w/ guitar, piano 21598-A Victor
124 Rubenola solo w/ violin, banjo, guitar, piano 21598-B Victor
125 A Miniature Concert-Part 2 solo w/ orchestra 35753-B Victor

This second section lists recordings I don't possess but that are known to exist.

piece setting record # label
Melody solo w/ piano 1053-D A3645 Columbia
Song of the Volga Boatman solo w/ piano 1053-D A3653 Columbia
The Love Nest Rudy Wiedoeft's Palace Trio 4163-A OKeh


updated - 12/11/09