Granlund Woodwind Repair
information concerning clarinet overhauls
and a few choices the customer can make

In a while I'll have a bit more here to chew on but thought I'd hang this page up to display what info I have to offer to date.

Pad Choices
white leather
This is the industry standard clarinet pad in Germany and the stock pad on many newer Selmer clarinets. There many good reasons for choosing a leather pad. One being, they will never "kazoo" like the "bladder skin" pad and will also outlast that pad, probably have double the life. The pad I keep in stock has a firm felt, takes a nice light seat. This newer pad also features kangaroo leather and is remarkably air tight.
white Valentino "Greenback"
These pads are a very excellent choice for the person who is playing constantly or if you appreciate a very quiet key mechanism. The pad is quite durable, extremely water proof and are pretty free of the tendency to stick to the tone hole. I've used this pad a number of years now, on many, many clarinets and have been very pleased with the results.
the cork pad
A very accurate and long lasting pad. These pads are hand made to fit the specific key they are being applied to. They make a little more noise when they touch the tone hole but take a very light seat and are very fast to respond, making them a great choice for the throat keys and places where water collects. My cork pads are "machine made" and of high quality cross grain cork, not stamped out of shive cut cork. The face of the pad is very smooth and very flat.


updated 11/29/11