Granlund Woodwind Repair
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a little chatter concerning my clarinet repairs, etc.

some possibilities offered and eventually some explanation:


tuning rings
I am now set up to manufacture custom sized tuning rings for all clarinets. Your needed diameter, your width.
Made on precision Austrian machine tools.


Buffet bass clarinet key mod.
There are four pads on the newer Buffet bass' that are screwed in place over a little resonator (metal disc). These pads can become a problem with age and cause a significant leak.
I have the perfect solution to this problem. Ask me about this repair if you own one of these instruments.


in a while...

beyond that...
I am a Buffet Crampon dealer. You can order Buffet merchandise from me at a good price.

a little about what I do and why
I do seem to have mission here...

who knows?
more clarinet talk of some kind


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