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Stories_of_Hope_and_Fear This American Life - SG, C Melody sax
I’d heard the Black Cat Orchestra during a night out in Seattle... and they naturally came to mind when I imagined the way “They Are In Love” might sound. So I flew out there with my Dobro, which we never used, and we recorded the tune pretty much live.
The Black Cat Orchestra was formed in Seattle in 1991. Our repertoire spans a wide range of styles, including music from Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia as well as original songs. In addition to concerts, club dates and private parties, the Orchestra has performed original scores to several silent films.
Black Cat Orchestra was a musical group formed in Seattle, Washington, active from 1991 to 2004. It consisted, in various forms over the years, of Lori Goldston (cello), Kyle Hanson (accordion), Don Crevie (horn), Scott Granlund (saxophone), Jason Munger and Jeff Teitelbaum (bass), Matthew Sperry (double bass), Detonator Beth, Gina Sala and Jessika Kenney (vocals), Emily Marsh and Joseph Zajonc (drums), Jack Magai (percussion), and Friese Undine (harmonica).
Room a Thousand Years Wide - SG, tenor sax
SG, tenor sax
Want It All - SG, tenor sax
India - SG, tenor sax

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